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Riviera Parque Wedding Photography

Riviera Parque Wedding Photography

Marcella and Ramiro had a perfect wedding at Rivera Parque in Vaughan! This is one of the first special events I documented as a full-time professional wedding photographer and it will always be close to my heart. Having worked with Ramiro in the past, I have a special relationship with the bride and groom and we did our absolute best to make sure the couple was happy with their photos. Prior to the big day, Marcella handed me a shot list she wanted accomplished. One of the beautiful bride's requests was especially challenging as it required photo shopping a dinosaur chasing the bridal party. When the couple told me about the picture I had no idea how it could be done, but I have seen similar creations in the past. As such I did a lot of research and on the great day I was ready! This photograph opens the wedding album you're about to see.

Wedding Day

On a fairly cold April day both wedding photographers started documenting the groom preparation. The five groomsmen were very energetic and a pleasure to deal with. The cutest of the guys was a little ring bearer was beautiful bride's nephew. The photo shoot went smoothly Dr. while we moved to the bride's house For the bridal party and the guests were getting ready for the big day. In every culture getting married is crucial milestone in someone's life but for Italians this is of THE most important day ever. As such, the brides parents house was adorned with many bows and everyone was enjoying the big day. We started photographing Marcella's preparation for her wedding ceremony in the brides room on the second floor of her beautiful house. A touching moment to place when the flower girl helped the bride put on her shoes. In my whole career as wedding photographer I have rarely seen such a beautiful scene.

When the beautiful bride descended downstairs, her bridesmaids were in awe as you can see in the candid photograph I took at the moment. This is a photograph that couples often request, but it is rare to execute it so beautifully like I did on the special day. Generally, there is always something that goes wrong on the special occasion but for this special event, everything ran flawlessly from the hair and makeup to the ceremony and the reception. As such, we headed to the church where Ramiro and Marcella officially tie the knot in a very emotional ceremony. After that, we headed to the Vellore Hall Park in Woodbridge Ontario for creative portraits of the bride and groom and the bridal party. While we were taking a group photo of the bridal party, a real dinosaur appeared and started chasing them! Fortunately, the limo was close so we drove as fast as possible to the wedding venue where the newlywed couple had a few surprises for us. The biggest of them was a band of mariachi who started serenading the first dance. That took everyone by surprise including the groom and the wedding photographers. For the couple getting married we suggest that you share with us all the details of your special day so that we are prepared to capture those moments of love and happiness so you can cherish them forever.

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Enjoy this slideshow with highlights of Marcella and Ramiro's celebration.

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