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How to Take the Perfect Wedding Photo


One of the most common questions I receive from beginning wedding photographers is regarding my camera settings I used to capture my award winning images. Truth be told, settings are less important than composition, emotions and so on. Here is the secret on how to take the perfect wedding photograph.

Splendid Portrait of the Bride at King Edward Hotel

1. Find the Best Light

The key ingredient in photography is light. In fact, there is no image without light and many artists completely disregard it. As such, the wedding photographer has to ensure the direction and quality of light is appropriate. The light has to be soft and the subject's face should be turned towards the light. That has a slimming effect and sculpts the subject face.

A trick I use to find good light is to hold my hand upwards in about 1 ft. in front of my face and look at the shadows between my fingers. Is the transition between the highlight and shadows abrupt? That indicates a harsh light and you will need to move to a different location with better light. When the transition between the highlight and shadows is gradual, that is an indication the light is soft.

Congratulations, you found the best light possible!

2. Use a Beautiful Location or Background if Possible

3. Refine the Camera Settings

4. Pose Your Subject

5. Inject Motion and Emotion


Direction and Quality of Light

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