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London Ontario Wedding Photographers Idlewyld Inn
Groomsmen at Idlewyld Wedding
First Look at Idlewyld 
London Ontario Wedding Holy Family Parish
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First Dance at Idlewyld Wedding
London Ontario Wedding Photographers Bride Portraits
London Ontario Wedding Photographers Groom Portraits
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Bride and Groom Holy Family Parish
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London Ontario Wedding First Look Idlewyld Inn
Bride and Groom Portrait at Idlewyld Wedding
London Ontario Wedding Reception
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London Ontario Wedding Photographers - Idlewyld Inn Wedding

As a Toronto wedding photographer I am often invited to photograph weddings in other cities in the province. For this particular wedding I had to compete against several London Ontario wedding photographers. I am so happy the couple chose me to document their special Idlewyld Inn Wedding. After all, it is a such a great honour and privilege to be invited to capture the essence of the Big Day and this wedding was absolutely special! It was not the snowy weather or the beautiful reception that made this wedding remarkable, but the feeling of love and harmony that dominated the day. Also, the talent of the bridal party and other members of the family was impressive. Myself and my second shooter were probably the only ones who did not know how to play an instrument. From a 10 year old boy to the grandparents, everybody was blessed with a special talent. 

Idlewyld Inn is London Ontario Wedding Photographers Dream

The bride and groom chose to get ready at Idlewyld Inn and Spa in downtown London Ontario, an excellent choice if I may say. The three story Victorian Style mansion gave us the perfect backdrops for the wedding photos. It was built at the end of the nineteenth century by Charles Smith Hyman as his primary residence. Mr. Hyman was at the time a prosperous businessman, the Mayor of London and the Cabiner Minister under the prime minister of Canada. 

In 1930 Idlewyld Inn was sold to Ernest Moore who renovates and turns the establishment in a luxury residence with multiple apartments. 

Later in 1960 Idlewyld becomes a nursing home and reopens as a luxury Inn in 1986. 

Finally, in 2013 the owner at the time sold the hotel to Farhi Holdings Corporation. 

I have to say that the staff is amazing!!! While we photographed there, they made sure we had everything we needed to do an amazing job and I want to say THANK YOU for that!!! 

Going back to the wedding, the large dining room on the main floor is perfect for a bride shoot or even bride and groom if the weather does not collaborate. The stunning paper wall with intricate ornaments is the perfect background for bridal portraits as you can see in the images above. A dark brown, it really makes the subjects stand out. 

We were lucky enough to have all the main floor pretty much for ourselves and were able to achieve some spectacular imagery at Iddlewyld Inn and Spa.

Book Your Idlewyld Inn Wedding or Elopement

An Idlewyld Inn wedding is the perfect choice for a couple who are having an intimate event. This gorgeous villa is one of the best London Ontario wedding venues perfect locations for such occasions. 

Here are even more reasons why you want to consider this prime establishment as your wedding venue. First, you will have your own wedding planner so you can enjoy your Big Day without worrying about behind the scene details. Second, the venue offers indoors or outdoor options should you want to have a perfect wedding with the splendid inn as a backdrop. Third, they know how to treat you like Royalty and you will arrive in style in a Rolls Royce Phantom with your own chauffeur. Yes, I anticipated your question, you can use the Rolls Royce to take wedding photos on location. Fourth, the Inn has in-house catering ready to exceed your wildest expectations. Finally, parking and wifi is included for you and your guests.

On average, couples allocate $5,000 of their wedding budget for their Idlewyld ceremony and reception.

For reservations and more information, please contact
Wedding Manager Effie Gurman at (519) 432-5554 extension 155 or at