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Top 20 Wedding Trends

Top 20 Wedding Trends (with charts)

Here are the hottest wedding trends based on google searches monitored over the last 14 years.

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Before we start listing the wedding trends, here is a chart that puts things in perspectives and shows what brides search before their big day. The wedding dress tops all searches with 2 million monthly searches worldwide. At the end of the article, you will find a list of most popular wedding related google searches.

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Here are the top 20 wedding trends:

1. GREENHOUSE WEDDINGs ARE All the Rage in the US

This year we are seeing a breakout in searches for greenhouse weddings and the US is the main driver of this trend.

Searches for Greenhouse Wedding Venues are Increasing

All major wedding blogs in the US (The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, etc.) list this trend, so it might be a self fulfilling prophecy. Once the bride and groom are reading that greenhouse weddings are hot, they start searching for such venues for their special day.


Brides are migrating from the tiara to flower crowns and as you can see in the charts below. The flower crown (in red) overthrows the tiara (in blue).

Tiara vs. Flower Crown Popularity Chart

3. Barn Weddings are More Popular

In the last decade there have been a rising number of couples looking to tie the knot in a more rustic setting. With more than the world population living in urban areas, it is normal for a larger percentage of brides to want a different kind of setting.

Barn Wedding Venues Searches Worldwide

Most global searches for "barn wedding venues", 45% come from UK (45%), US (23%), New Zealand (13%), Canada (12%) and Australia (7%).

Barn Wedding Venues Popularity By Country

4. Rustic Weddings are Also Popular

Rustic weddings are seeing a significant rise in interest. In contrast, the traditional "banquet hall wedding" searches, have been flat over the last 14 years. Most "rustic wedding" searches originate in the US.

Rustic Wedding Searches Worldwide

5. Outdoor Weddings Reached a Plateau

After almost a decade of sustained growth, it looks like the outdoor weddings move reached a plateau in 2013 and is now hovering around 10,000 searches per month. January and July are the months where we see an increase in searches for outdoor wedding venues.

Outdoor Wedding Venues Searches Worldwide

The move is more prevalent in the US, Canada, Australia and UK.

Outdoor Wedding Venue Popularity by Country


In the last few years there has been an increased interest in unique wedding venues, as shown by the global google searches. This is confirmed by more specific searches for greenhouse, barn and outdoor wedding venues that are seeing a significant surge in searches this year. We observed the trend mostly in the US and UK.

Unique Wedding Venues Searches Worldwide

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7. Long Sleeve Wedding Dress Increased in Popularity

The sleeve wedding dress is back and is currently enjoying 94 K searches worldwide per month. A third of those brides are looking for "long sleeve lace wedding dresses". Large marriage blogs in North America and Europe anticipated a raise in brides' intention to wear a sleeve dress on their wedding day.

Sleeve Wedding Dress Searches

The long sleeve wedding dresses are most popular in Australia, US, UK, New Zealand and Canada.

Long Sleeve Wedding Dress Popularity by Country

8. Lace Sleeve Wedding Dress Are Also Increasing in Popularity

It looks like lace is making a comeback this year in Australia, US, UK and Canada.


Lace Sleeve Wedding Dress Popularity by Country

9. Designer Wedding Dresses are Shunned

According to our research, nowadays our beautiful brides are less interested in designer dresses. Still, designer wedding dresses remain popular in UK, Pakistan, Australia, Canada, US and India.

Designer Wedding Dress Worldwide Searches

Designer Wedding Dress Popularity by Country

10. Vera Wang Wedding Dresses Are Loosing Ground RApidly

Unfortunately for Vera Wang, the popularity of her wedding gowns is dropping like a rock. Some of the reasons could be the reduced appetite of brides for a wedding dress retailing from $3,500 and often go over $10,000 when her other brand White by Vera retails at David's Bridal for as low as $700. Also, replicas of her high end dresses are selling for a tenth of the price.

Also, her brand reputation was damaged when when stores charged Chinese brides to be around $500 to try on her dresses and forbid taking photos of the dresses inside the stores (possibly to avoid her designs being stolen).

Vera Wang Wedding Dresses - Worldwide Searches

Still, at 40,000 monthly searches, Vera Wang's brand is far from disappearing.

Vera Wang is most popular in Ireland, Australia, Singapore, UK, US, Canada, Philippines, UAE, Malysia and Norway.

11. Wedding Favors are Going Out of Favor

Do you know that 70% of the guests do NOT pick up the wedding favors? Now, that is why, more and more brides decide to forego the wedding favors as you can see in the chart below.

Chart of Worldwide Searches for Wedding Favors

Favors are still popular in Trinidad and Tobago, US, Canada, Singapore, Philippines and Ireland.

Wedding Favors Popularity by Country

12. First Look is Becoming More Popular

The first look is becoming more popular among today's bride and groom. In my consultations with couples, I emphasize the following advantages of a first look: more time to spend together, more photography time hence more candid wedding photos, another opportunity to live intense emotions.

The wedding first look is most popular in the US, Canada and the UK. In the US, here are the top 10 states where the first look is very popular: Hawaii, Louisiana, Arkansas, West Virginia, Indiana, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Ohio and Delaware.

Worldwide Searches for Wedding First Look

Popularity of The Bride and Groom First Look

13. Wedding Invitations are Less Popular

With the advent of wedding websites it looks like wedding invitations have past their primetime. It is cheaper and easier to send online invites and that hurts the traditional wedding invitations business.

Another trend we observed was an increase in the number of searches for cheap wedding invitations, Vistaprint and Etsy wedding invitations. Also, unique invitations such as the rustic, metallic, plexiglass are seeing some growth.

There are still 450,000 monthly searches for wedding invitations. Print invitations are most popular in Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, South Africa, Ireland, US, Australia, Philippines, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Puerto Rico and UAE.

Worldwide Searches for Wedding Invitations

Popularity of Wedding Invitations by Country

14. Fewer Couples Want a Wedding Cake

In the last years the popularity of the wedding cakes has declined dramatically worldwide. However, there are still 143 thousand monthly searches for weddings worldwide. Among the countries where they cakes are most popular we are listing: Sri Lanka, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Nigeria, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Ghana, US, New Zealand, Philippines, Canada, Singapore, etc.

Wedding Cake Worldwide Searches

Wedding Cakes Popularity by Country

15. Photo Booths are Increasing in Popularity

In the last decade photo booths have increased in popularity and reached a plateau as you can see in the chart below. They are most popular among couples in Malaysia, Singapore, Ireland, St. Helena, UK.

Chart of Photo Booth Searches Worldwide

Photo Booths Popularity by Country

16. Baby's Breath is Becoming Very Popular in the US

Many wedding blogs suggest baby's breath as a way to cut wedding costs of floral designs and bridal bouquet and it seems that resonates with the brides in the US. It is one of the most important flower trends we saw in the last decade.

Baby breath floral arrangements look splendid, so let's embrace this trend that is not going away.

Baby's Breath is More Popular

17. More Brides are Looking for Wedding Dresses with Black

In the last fourteen years, the number of brides who are looking for a dress with black or a black wedding dress has increased as you can see in the chart below. This trend is more prevalent in the US.

Wedding Dress With Black - Worldwide Searches

18. Wedding Dresses With Capes are Hot in the UK and US

Looking at the last 14 years of data, we can see that in the last 5 years the searches for a "wedding dress with cape" increased significantly and the trend will most probably continue in the future.

Wedding Dress with Cape

19. More Brides and Grooms Want a Small Wedding

We observed a constant increase in the number of couples who prefer a small event. Small weddings are most popular among brides and grooms in South Africa, Ireland, UK, US, Australia. We notice an increased tendency to search for restaurants that can host wedding receptions.

In the last 20 years the cost of a wedding skyrocketed when adjusted with inflation. Wedding magazines and blogs push their vendors products as a "must have". As a result of increasing costs per guest, couples choose to reduce the number of guests. That is one of the top tactics recommended by the omniscient blogs to cut wedding budgets.

Unfortunately, if brides follow that advice, brides will spend less (as a percentage of budget) on what is more important: friends, family and guests.

Small Wedding Searches Worldwide

20. More Couples Elope

Closely related to the previous trend, more couples than ever decide to elope. Elopement is most popular among couples in US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland. Currently, there is an average of 25,000 searches for "elopement" per month.

Elopement Searches Worldwide

Other Notable Trends

21. Brides Are More Interested in Wedding Decor

There are 85,000 searches for wedding decorations and the number is expected to continue. As a result of a strong push from the blogs, wedding details are gaining importance.

Worldwide Searches for Wedding Decor

22. The Number of Bohemian Weddings is on the Rise

Bohemian weddings are not becoming mainstream any time soon, but they are gaining in popularity as you can see in the chart below.

Bohemian Wedding Searches

23. Naked Cakes are Still Very Popular

Cakes without frosting are also known as naked cakes and we have seen an increase in popularity in the last 5 years. Every month there are 22,000 searches for "naked wedding cakes."

Naked Cakes Worldwide Searches

Table 1. Most Popular Searches Worldwide in the Last 12 Months (thousands searches)

Brides Search on GoogleMonthly Searches
Wedding dresses1,988 K
David's Bridal1,000 K
Wedding rings450 K
Mother of the bride dress450 K
Wedding invitations450 K
Wedding planners280 K
Flower girl dresses201 K
Wedding venue164 K
Bridal shoes164 K
Wedding cakes143 K
Beach wedding dresses110 K
Cheap wedding dress96 K
Plus Size Wedding Dress95 K
Long sleeve wedding dresses94 K
Wedding favors90 K
Wedding decorations85 K
Mother of the groom dress74 K
Wedding flowers74 K
Vintage wedding dresses60 K
Wedding hashtags60 K
Mermaid wedding dress60 K
Lace wedding dress50 K
Indian wedding dress50 K
Wedding ideas49 K
Short wedding dresses50 K
Vera Wang wedding dresses40 K
Casual wedding dresses33 K
Wedding centrepieces33 K
Wedding veils33 K
Long sleeve lace wedding dress32 K
Black wedding dresses30 K
Wedding ceremony27 K
Bohemian wedding dress27 K
Sexy wedding dresses27 K
Maternity wedding dress27 K
Wedding registry27 K
Beach wedding27 K
Elopement25 K
Wedding colors22 K


Our findings are based only on facts (google searches) not on bridal fashion week or experts opinions. and we are not making forward-looking statements about the upcoming wedding season unless it is extremely clear that a certain trend will continue.

These facts sometimes contradict experts opinion and we tend to believe google, not the "experts" who might have an agenda (push their vendors' products for example).

It came as a surprise to us but we did not see any raise in ultra violet wedding related searches yet despite the fact ultra violet is pantone color of 2018. We will need to do additional work to uncover any trends around this color palette.

Also, we were not able to distinguish between brides looking for "wedding planners" or professionals looking to enter the wedding planning arena. As such, we did not discuss this trend.

Even though some important blogs mentioned an increase of the number of destination weddings, google searches do not reflect that.

Having worked in forecasting in our previous lives, we know how difficult it is to make accurate trends forecasts. A giant forecaster once said: "in forecasting out ought to give either the number or the date, but never both." There are multiple variables that influence trends and it is very difficult to be consistently accurate in predicting trends.

All images and charts were created by us. If you use any chart, please give photo credit to Photography by Calin and provide a link to our website.

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