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Chateau Le Parc Wedding

I loved photographing this couple's wedding at Chateau Le Parc and it was a pleasure returning to this splendid event space on the wedding day.

We started our day with the bride and groom preparation at one of the hotels in the area where the beautiful bride actually works. The beauty of documenting the bride preparation in a hotel room is that you know what to expect, but the challenge is that few hotels are photogenic and often you get a lot of curious guests that can ruin your shot.

The couple had an emotional first look at the hotel and then we headed to a park for a quick photoshoot. I generally don't recommend my couples to travel around for a long time on the wedding day because that uses precious time when we could photograph. However, because sometimes the hotels are crowded and not very photogenic, we have to find locations that are more appropriate for photoshoot. The opening image of this wedding photography gallery was taken in a parking lot in blasting sunlight at 1 PM. Fortunately, as a Toronto wedding photographer I learned that often the big day poses extreme challenges so I have to be prepared. In this case my equipment of choice was a Profoto B1. That beautiful strobe allowed me to overpower the sun and properly light the bride and groom. Interestingly enough, I photographed this image in the hotel parking lot. By lowering my stance and changing my vantage point I was able to eliminate all the distraction in the frame so that the viewer's eye focuses on the couple. Also, the beautiful bride rented a fancy limousine and I used the hood to create a beautiful reflection of the couple. In line with this edgy look, I use the harsh light and a fashion pose.

Shortly after we finished this parking photo shoot, we headed to the outdoor wedding ceremony at Château Le Parc. Here, I had the pleasure to work again with the award winning officiant Robb McDonald who is not only a fantastic professional but also a fun and caring individual. After the ceremony, or wedding photographers focused on capturing the moments in the interaction between the guests, friends and family in the main lobby of the beautiful event space.

The reception took place in Hall B and we had a blast. As the beautiful bride is a bit and Italian Greek descent and the groom is South Asian, the party was out of this world. The above mentioned amenities are well-known as people who love fun and can enjoy themselves during a party. The wedding day ended with the night photo shoot where are photographers took a few splendid images of the venue that the couple included in their wedding album.

Why I Love This Venue

As a wedding photographer I always look for creative backdrops that make my work stand out in this event space never disappointed us. After light, location is the second most important element of photography in this beautiful venue allows one to provide splendid images regardless of the season. The internal staircases in the lighting fixtures are elements of interest and make photography stand out.

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