Bride Heading to her Toronto Botanical Garden Wedding Ceremony
Photography by Calin
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Bride Heading to Toronto Botanical Garden Wedding Ceremony

This album spreading close to images depicting the bride rushing towards her Toronto Botanical Garden wedding ceremony.

The image on the left feature the present and the future, the flower girl and the bride. The flower girl is placed in the foreground and poses at the camera. It is a metaphor for the present time. In the background, we can see the bride descending the stairs and rushing towards the wedding ceremony. As I mentioned in the past the hair and makeup were late at this wedding. Consequently, the bride had to hurry up so that she's not late for the ceremony.

Why Is This the Unique Toronto Botanical Garden Wedding Photo?

The image on the right is a more complex photograph. It was shot over the floor girls shoulder and creates a triangle between the flower girl, her reflection in a mirror, and the bride. Placing the elements of the photograph in a triangle is a compositional technique meant to create appealing images. Even more, this wedding picture includes two virtual leading lines. Both the flower girl and her reflection look at the bride and the gazes direct the viewer's attention towards the bride. Even more, the fact that the bride is out of focus creates mystery and makes this striking photograph. Among the qualities the brides demand from a Toronto wedding photographer, creativity is one of them. I firmly believe this image can recommend me as one of the best wedding photographers in the area.

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