Intimate Moment at Toronto Botanical Garden Wedding
Photography by Calin
Toronto Botanical Garden Wedding Guide

Intimate Moment at Toronto Botanical Garden Wedding

This picture showcases the bride and groom on their Toronto Botanical Garden wedding day, minutes before their reception. After the wedding portrait session, the bride and groom took a secluded pathway towards the venue.

As wedding photographer with a vast experience in the Toronto area I learned to anticipate moments. Consequently, I mounted a long lens on my camera and waited patiently for the action to unfold. My patience was rewarded as the bride and groom stopped to taste a few wild strawberries. This image shows the moment when the bride is offering the groom a wild strawberry fruit. Both of them are smiling, not knowing that I was shooting like a madman. My patience and efforts resulted in this beautiful candid picture.

Location: 777 Lawrence Ave E, North York, ON M3C 1P2.

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