Toronto Botanical Garden Wedding - Bride Getting Ready
Photography by Calin
Toronto Botanical Garden Wedding Guide

Toronto Botanical Garden Wedding - Bride Getting Ready

This image was captured seconds before the bride headed towards her Toronto Botanical Garden wedding ceremony. It is a profile of the bride captured while she was arranging her veil.

This is a black and white indoors photograph to contrast with the beautiful flowers surrounding the building. Because it freezes the brides motion, the shot has a photojournalistic feel, hence my choice to process it is a black and white photo. The blinds create leading lines which make the subject of the photo, the bride, stand out. In this wedding picture I also used a photography technique called negative space. By placing the bride on the extreme left of the frame, about 60% of the picture features a negative space. That, in effect, creates mystery. Also, leaving the subject a lot of breathing space towards the right is a technique suggesting that the bride will move in that direction. 

The crop/formatting used for this album spread is a 10" height by 20" width which gives this picture a cinematic look.

Location: 777 Lawrence Ave E, North York, ON M3C 1P2.

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